• What should I wear?
We recommend wearing something comfortable for your first class. Shorts are ideal, but not necessary. You should be able to move easily. I recommend you bring socks but barefoot or trainers are also fine. No jewellery should be worn. Please DO NOT moisturise on pole days - you will make the poles slippery for yourself and others.

  • What are the class levels?
NEW Students Beginners: Suitable for BRAND NEW students to pole. No experience is needed to attend these classes.

Beginners Pole: Students who have done a little pole and have been attending for a month or so. Not suitable for BRAND new students. Please ensure if you book for a class that you have picked the new students group.

Intermediate Pole: Must be able to invert by themselves consistently - no other prerequisites.

Advanced Pole: Must be able to do a wide range of intermediate level inverts. There are no specific guidelines, you will be invited to join this class when ready to do so.

  • I'm quite overweight, will the poles hold me?
We use professional grade poles at both studios. Although there are no official guideline provided by the company, they are designed to take upwards of 20 stone as you can have two or more people on a pole for doubles and group moves. The poles are regularly safety checked and used by students of ALL shapes and sizes. We've worked really hard to create an inclusive environment and a syllabus to suit everyone. We welcome you to join us :)

For inspiration please check out these videos of "plus size" pole dancers Emma Haslam and Lulu


  • Is there an age limit?
Under 16's will need a parent to sign a permission form. Over 16's are welcome in all classes. Please be aware that due to the nature of pole that there may be some movements of an adult nature. Our Strong, Sexy and Flexi class is STRICTLY for 18+ students only.

Aerial Hoop/Silks/Hammock

  • What should I wear?
For aerial you will need to be well covered. One, or two, pairs of leggings are ideal, you will need a long top that can be tucked in or a leotard, a long sleeved jumper you can remove and thick socks are recommended (no socks for silks!).

  • I'm not strong, what if I can't get in the hoop?
The hardest part about aerial hoop for most people is getting in to it, due to this we always rig one of our hoops at a low height so that all students can simply sit in it to do the moves. It can take a few weeks to build the strength and ability necessary to get in to one of the higher hoops. This is completely normal and your instructor will provide you with all the tools needed to achieve this! Regardless of your size or level of strength - you will be able to do a lot more than you realise. Give it a try.

Kids Classes

  • What should my child wear for hip hop?
Anything they are comfortable in! Jogging bottos, leggings, shorts are all great. They should be able to move easily. Trainers or barefoot are acceptale.

  • What should my child wear for ballet?

To begin with they are welcome to wear whatever they are comfortable in and barefoot. We do recommend in time that they are equipped with proper ballet clothing and shoes, instructor Megan will be happy to advise. 

General FAQ
  • Where are you based?
Our Wincanton studio is based at The Honbu, our Trowbridge studio is next to where the old snooker club/soft play centre used to be. Full addresses can be found here.

  • Do I need to book?
It is absolutely essential that you are booked in for every single class you attend. We only have limited spaces to ensure we always have a safe instructor to student ratio and that no one has to wait to use any of the apparatus. You can book here.

  • I've booked a class and now can't make it, can I have a refund?
We never provide refunds, except in extreme circumstances, all sales are final. This is due to the nature of most of our classes - we have limited spaces and our classes are organised by level which means we cannot accept walk in bookings. However, if you have paid for a drop in and we have received 24 hours notice of your cancellation via the booking system you will receive a credit to use within 6 months. If you have paid for a block of classes and provided us with 24 hours notice you may use that class within the 4 weeks of that block. Please contact us if you are in doubt.

  • I'm not strong, flexible or graceful, can I join you?
NONE of our students start out strong, flexible or graceful, unless they are ex dancers/gymnasts. Our classes are designed in such a way that even someone who hasn't exercised in years (or their whole life!) can join us. Our students represent ALL walks of life, we are not all young skinny fitness freaks! We have students aged 0-60+, all sizes, all shapes, all backgrounds. If you are unsure or worried please pop us a message. 

  • I have a health complaint, can I join you?
Anyone with health issues must fill out a further PAR-Q upon attending class. In some cases you may be asked to provide a doctors note clearing you for exercise, but this will be dealth with on a case by case basis. We have many students with past injuries and various current conditions who are able to exercise in a health and safe manner.