Covid-19 Policy

Full Covid-19 Risk Assessment: click here.

Please check out the government website for information about Covid-19 symptoms, guidelines and what to do if you, or someone you've been in contact with, becomes unwell.

Government Website:
NHS website:

Please read the following information fully before returning to class.

Although we've made this cute graphic to get your attention; we need you to thoroughly read the information below before attending classes. We have implemented a range of safety measures upon reopening to ensure the safety of our clients. 

  • Class sizes will be greatly reduced to ensure only one student uses each piece of equipment. Each station will have somewhere clearly marked out to stand on during demonstrations and your own basket of cleaning equipment. Whilst these will be provided we do recommend students bring their own hand sanitisers and cleaning products if possible.

  • Classes will have 15 minutes between them for cleaning and to ensure social distancing can be adhered to upon entering and leaving the studio. The front door will be locked between classes and we must ask that no one arrives more than 5 minutes early. 

  • Hand sanitisers are at the entrance and throughout the studio. You will be asked to use them upon entering, before leaving and throughout the session if necessary.

  • Your temperature will be checked upon arriving. If it is above recommended guidelines you will be sent home. There will be no refunds if this happens due to the very limited class sizes.

  • Do not come to class if sick or in contact with someone who has been sick. If you suspect you have Covid you must contact us as soon as possible and undergo testing. You will not be allowed back in the studio until the recommended self isolation period has past OR you have sent us a negative test result.

  • Booking is essential and you must have up to date waivers and personal information on your account prior to joining a class. This is to ensure we can participate in track and trace and do our part in limiting the spread of Covid. If you do not have your full name, address, email and phone number on your account you will be asked to do them on arrival.

  • PPE is available for instructors if they need to spot students, though lesson plans will limited contact where possible.

  • You must arrive dressed in suitable clothing for class - there will be nowhere to change, though you may undress for pole or other classes. You will not be allowed to bring any items in to the main studio space except for valuables, grip aids and water. All other items must be left in the front room. Although you will have access to water in the kitchen, you must bring your own water vessels. We will not be allowing students to use studio cutlery or cups.

  • No spectators are allowed inside the studio. We ask that parents leave their children for the duration of classes, unless there is a good reason for them needing to stay.

  • Toilets must be thoroughly cleaned every single time they are used by students and instructors.

  • Doors will be left open throughout the studio to avoid unnecessary touching of handles and surfaces. Windows will be left open to aid with ventilation unless weather permits that unreasonable.

  •  Please bring your own equipment if you have it, which includes but is not limited to; mats, aerial hoops, cups/bottles, towels and cleaning equipment. If you do not have your own mat you must have a towel to cover one of the studio ones.