Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Studio Rules and Etiquette!

We want to ensure that SASS is a pleasant environment for ALL. With this in mind we have a few rules we'd like you to follow whilst with us!

1. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

We tolerate no negative self talk within the studio space. Every day we get bombarded with negative messages about ourselves from the media and sometimes even friends and family. Lets leave that bullshit at the studio door and find an hour where we can be kind to ourselves. We also do not tolerate any bullying or unkindness to others in the studio. We want SASS to be a safe and positive space for all. You can report any incidents to an instructor with complete confidence and know that we will deal with it appropriately.

2. Show your instructor respect.

All of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced, having all taught for a number of years. Each instructor has their own strengths and weaknesses, areas of pole they enjoy and areas they don't. We highly recommend you attend classes with a variety of instructors to get the most out of your training. You can learn something from every single one of our instructors if you turn up, are courteous, engage and show respect. Even the worlds best pole dancers have things they can't do. Please bear this in mind when attending class. Your instructors are human!

3. Ensure you listen.

Not only is it rude to talk over an instructor but when they are providing information to the class they do so for your safety and so that you are able to achieve and progress. Talking over them is distracting to other students, rude and will mean that precious time will be wasted as the instructor has to repeat what they've just said solely for your benefit. It is for your benefit as much as everyone elses that you listen!

4. No moisturiser on pole days.

You should never ever moisture on pole days unless with an approved product. Moisturisers make the poles slippy and unsafe for your self and other students. It can be very hard to remove some of the residue from the poles. We recommend using The Body Shop "body sorbets" OR Dew Point pole spray on pole days for added moisture and grip - either before or during class. 

5. Remove jewellery before class.

You should never wear jewellery in class, please remove all items before warm up begins. By not doing so you take full responsibility for any injury caused to your self or others. We fully understand that you may not wish to remove some piercings for fear of them closing; please consider covering them with tape in this instance and be aware of any contact points on the pole. 

Rings must be removed before class NO EXCEPTIONS. Rings cause damage to the coating of our poles and will in the long term encourage rust and make the poles slippy and unsafe. Poles are expensive and must be replaced regularly, please do your bit to help keep them in good condition.

6. Do not teach others.

We understand you wish to help your fellow students and we encourage you to support, spot and give advice where appropriate or necessary, HOWEVER, you should NOT be teaching other students moves they have not yet been taught by an instructor. Unless you are a qualified, experienced and insured instructor it is not safe or appropriate for you to be doing so and you risk legal action if that individual sustains an injury. 

7. Ensure the studio space is left tidy.

Please take all your belongings with you, replace any equipment you have used and ensure no litter is left behind. You should always aim to leave the studio as you found it. There is no excuse for a fully grown adult not cleaning up after themselves, it saves our instructors valuable time and makes for a nicer environment for all!

Thank you!

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