Sunday, 1 April 2018

Booking children in to a class...

This guide is for anyone who wishes to book a child, or multiple children, in to a class under their childs name, rather than that of the parent.

You can only book children in to classes via this link. It works best on a computer or tablet, rather than a phone.

The app and the integrated booking system DO NOT currently support booking children in to classes.

Step 1:
Create an account with us.

Step 2:
Add family members during account creation OR by clicking the "my info" and "profile" tabs once logged in.

Step 3:
Find the class you wish to book and click "sign up now"

Step 4:
It will now give you the option to book and pay on your own account for your child/spouse/parent. Follow the instructions through and ensure you have received a confirmation email.

Policy Note:
Please remember that we have a 24hr cancellation policy and that you will lose the class if we do not receive the required notification. The booking system is set up to deal with this. Please remember when booking a block of classes or membership that you are receiving a discount BECAUSE you are able to attend every week - you will not receive catch ups or refunds on these classes EXCEPT for pole classes.