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How pole will boost your confidence...

We often ask our students how pole has changed their life and one point comes up time and time again... confidence! 

But, why should pole dancing provide you with a confidence boost, where other fitness classes have failed? The nature of pole dancing breeds a unique environment you won't find in most other fitness classes: a support network; tangible, achievable goals and fun! The risqué element to pole also makes it appealing, there is no faster way to boost your self-esteem than to let yourself be vulnerable in front of a group of supportive women. 

Support Network

Many fitness groups and classes offer a support network, but nothing like pole! Whilst men are invited in to our space, the vast majority of our students are female, and nothing is taboo. You can come to class and be your true and unique self.

Some of the careers and hobbies our students have:
- teachers
- scientists
- cosplayers
- engineers
- therapists
- florists
- web designers
- graphic designers
- farm workers
- shop and office workers
- carers
and on and on and on....

Mental, physical and sexual health are topics that are not off limits in the studio. You will not be judged regardless of your interests, sexuality, gender, or any element that makes up who you are! All we ask is that you be kind and open-minded.

Struggling to get a move in class? We'll keep cheering you on until you get it. Achieve a goal? We'll scream and clap whilst you celebrate. Going through a break up? Someone will be on hand with a hug and lots of chocolate! Need help in your every day life? We have your back. Want to share an experience you've had outside of the studio? We'll listen.

At SASS we truly are a family. No matter what is going on in your life the studio is there for you. Many of our girls spend time together outside of the studio, and we have a Facebook group where everyone can connect and share.

Having a wonderful support network is a massive confident boost, you know we have your back; even when you don't have your own! Pole dancers are the best cheerleaders.

Tangible Goals

One of the most appealing things about pole for me was seeing the visible result of my hard work! A good pole dancing studio will have a beginner syllabus that is suitable for everyone, regardless of the individual's starting point. You don't need to be an ex-dancer/gymnast/bendy freak to be good at pole.

Each week you will leave having learnt and achieved something new, it's easy to see the progress, which is a fabulous confidence boost. Often times students come to the studio, for the first time, feeling like failures, like nothing they do is right or good enough. With a bit of coaxing and support they see that they CAN reach their goals.

Each move is broken down in to baby steps, so you can follow a clear line to your goal. Each week we build upon the skills you already know, taking it to more and more extreme and wonderful places. Many students start and think it'll take years to achieve some of their dream moves to find that they've got them in mere months.

We recommend students take lots of photos and videos in class, so you can see just how far you've come! It's such a confidence boost when you hit that lightbulb moment of, "I can do anything I set my mind to!"

It's about what your body can do, not how it looks

Shifting the mindset about your body can work wonders. Who cares if you have some stretch marks or saggy bits when you can hang upside down by your left toe?!?! NO ONE! Seeing a wide variety of bodies in the studio can be eye-opening no one looks the same but everyone is beautiful and appreciated.

I actively ban negative self-talk in the studio; I believe it's important that you get a break from destructive forms of thinking and talking. Society already tells us we're not good enough on a daily basis, we don't need to tell ourselves too!

Very few, if any students, enter the studio happy with the way they look. It's not uncommon for a new student to arrive in leggings and a long sleeve top, yet within 6 months to a year, they are wearing teeny pants and tops! In time, the body issues become almost irrelevant in this environment, and it helps that our students like to compliment each other all the time!

The more this shift in attitude happens, the more you want to care of, and nourish your body so that it can help you to achieve more of your goals. Many students start with an hour of pole a week and before they know it have quit smoking, stopped eating unhealthily and started exercising more - joining gyms, or other fitness classes, such as running and stretching.

I asked some our students to share their thoughts on why pole dancing is different, in confidence boosting terms, to other fitness classes. Here is what they said:

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